Design Solutions

Design Solutions

CAD technology is used, and the solution for the section that takes charge of the design of product/production facility etc.

Design Tools

  • NX
  • SolidWorks
  • SolidEdge


  • Teamcenter
  • Velocity
  • SmarTeam

Modeling and design using CAD of high-end midrange class

In CATIA/NX/ProEngineer/SolidWorks/SolidEdge etc. , the trust to say nothing of the business among customers also has the considerable experience.

There are abundant designs and a modeling experiences from single goods to a large-scale assembly goods of the processing and the sheet metal.

We can be flexible up from "History-Based Modeling" to "non-History-Based Modeling".

In AutoCAD/Autodesk inventor etc. , I will correspond if it is possible to inquire because the engineer who has the experience descends a few people.

The request of the machine system from the manufacturer such as car/electric machine/toy occupies large majority, and there is a considerable experience.

There is an experience such as making the analytical site type model from the plant model making from the construction manufacturer and the engineering works consultant company, too.

The management of CAD data is supported from the small scale to a large scale regardless of the scale.

Process design in automobile assembly plant

View examination of car and construction machinery


  • Auto manufacturer: Design and modeling such as bodies and frames
  • Auto components supplier: Design and modeling of meter and transmission, etc.
  • Precision equipment maker: Modeling such as cameras
  • Construction industry: Modeling of plant and geographical features data
  • Toy manufacturer: Modeling and metal mold design of plastic model

Modeling sample: Telephone made by using Master Assembly


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