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For You スパイラル

For You Spiral … Approach in customer eye line


I will analyze and propose the problem that the customer has from all angles. The problem that has already come to light and the problem that has been buried while changing the stance further are made to be actualized, and it thinks about the measure for the solution with the customer by arranging and reporting. It has aimed at "The customer always feels the sense of accomplishment" while repeating PDCA ..can pleased with the customer on the site to actually solve and to verify in Unitec...

Project and proposal

We will propose the best problem solving hearing information that the customer needs and software, hardware, and the network, etc. to process it. Knowing customer's work contents well becomes indispensable for that.

Construction and design

The system necessary for the customer is designed and developed. It is a part that corresponds to a design and architectural work if it says by the house making. It designs the system that is appropriate for the work contents of the customer who obtained it by the analysis, and the elemental technology of information necessary for the customer is coordinated more concretely, and it constructs the best system, and the application is developed by the best plan.

Education and support

Various systems have been constructed. I will efficiently train various needs in a short term based on the business knowledge cultivated by these abundant experiences. Moreover, a special engineer will examine and support the technique to use the system more effectively.

Each 3D-CAD product (I-DEAS NX,Unigraphics NX,CATIA V5,Pro/ENGINEER,Solid Works) is offered and the custom-made solution that it is more wieldy, and convenience is higher suited in customer's needs and business form is offered.

It carefully adjusts by using the programmable function (Open-I-DEAS, UG-Open, CAA, Pro/Toolkit, and macro, etc.) prepared with each 3D-CAD product, and we will answer customer's needs. Moreover, the application that cooperates with the data base including original interface development, Oracle, and DB2 in C/C++, Java, and the programming language such as Visual Basic can be offered.

3D-CAD supported product

I-DEAS NX、Unigraphics NX、CATIA V5、Pro/ENGINEER、Solid Works

Supported OS

OS supported by Windows2000/NT, UNIX(HP-UX,Solaris), and AIX * each CAD product

PDM/PLM customizing

It is indispensable to customize each product to operate PDM and PLM efficiently.
In our company, the customizing solution of PDM/PLM product and various simulation tools (TeamCenter, eM-PLANT, and DELMIA, etc.) will be offered, and we help customer's system construction.

It is necessary to begin to introduce the early stage and to operate it as much as possible today advanced by the diversification of the customer needs, diverse-types-and-small-quantity production, and the ephemeralization at the product-life cycle. Each business (PLM・SCM/ERP・CRM) is offered according to customer's needs, and our company will develop and offer the solution that cooperates in the seamless.

Supported PDM/PLM product



I will provide customer's needs and the system and service that accedes to a request.

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