Our Business

Our Business

Our business is classified into "Design Solutions","Engineering Solutions","Application Solutions","Resource building","MONOZUKURI".

Design Solutions

The design solution uses the CAD(Computer Aided Design) technology, and is a solution for the section that takes charge of the design of product/production facility etc.

Modeling using CAD of the high-end midrange class, and it designs, and data management and the process using PDM/PLM are designed.

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Engineering Solutions

The engineering solution uses the CAE(Computer Aided Engineering) technology, and is a solution for the section that takes charge of development and the research on product/production facility etc.

The consignment until processing the post and acquisition and the consultation of an analytical manual are executed from help and the model data creation of the verification process labor saving.

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Application Solutions

The application solution is a solution that improves the efficiency of the business.

Customizing CAD and customizing of the PDM/PLM product, and the software development, the WEB site construction, it is consulting, the data base design, constructs, and it operates the system and it maintains it.

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Consistent help is done from the design support to the experimental part production.

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